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The New Apton Centre: Age Concern Bishop’s Stortford’s mission is to promote health and well-being to help to make later life, a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, in an inclusive environment.



We have a vision of an inclusive society in which all people live well in a happy and motivational environment.  A positive society where people enjoy a full range of activities, have strong relationships with people in their communities and have access to choice based activities which support their health and well-being. 



Social                            To reduce isolation for members within our older community and promote awareness of                                               social isolation to our wider community.


Health                          To provide an environment in which enjoyment through choice-based activities, that

                                          promote  positive physical and mental well-being, can be accessed and achieved by the                                                more mature members of our community.


Education                  To provide services that support and educate for positive change to encourage users to                                               become their ‘best’ self and encourage independence.



Ambassadors         To represent the New Apton Centre and to promote the brand.

Polite                            To show regard for others in  manner, speech and behaviour.

Tolerant                      To show respect for others' views and opinions.

Open                            To broaden your vision to allow the way for new opportunities.       

Nurturing                   To enable others to develop and feel safe.

Constitution 2022, Equality and Diversity Policy and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.

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