Most of us will experience loneliness at some point in our lives, though this feeling is often passing.  Yet, according to Age UK 10 per cent of adults aged over 65, feel lonely often or all of the time, Which means that currently for over 1 million older people this is their reality; what defines them, with devastating effects.  Humans are by nature, social creatures that require the company and interaction of others at all stages of life, arguably more so in our later years.


Here at The New Apton Centre manager, Annabelle Caley and her team are on hand to provide a facility that challenges the isolation that faces many of our older community in Bishop's Stortford and the surrounding area, by providing opportunities in which any one of the age of over 55 within our community can reconnect with others, have a chat or try a new activity on a regular basis. The centre can even provide transport to make it easier for you to get here. 



Age Concern Bishop’s Stortford’s mission is to promote the health and well-being of all older people helping to make later life, a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, in an inclusive environment.



We have a vision of an inclusive society in which older people live well in a joyful and fun environment.  A positive society where people enjoy a full range of activities, have strong relationships with people in their communities and have access to choice based activities which support their health and well-being. 




Social: To reduce isolation for members within our older community and promote awareness of social isolation to our wider community.


Health: To provide an environment in which enjoyment through choice-based activities, that promote positive physical and mental well-being, can be accessed and achieved by members of our older community.


Education: To provide services that support and educate for positive change to encourage users to become their ‘best’ self.




  • Integrity                      We Treat everyone equally and with respect

  • Empowerment           We work with people to ensure their independence

  • Trust                            We’re honest, truthful and can be relied upon

  • Compassion                We’re warm and approachable

  • Collaboration              We work in partnership with like-minded people